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Цифровые пианино

Roland DP-90

99 900 р.

Отличное звучание в компактном корпусе


DP90 - это цифровое фортепиано нового поколения. Оно звучит, как рояль, вмещается в любое помещение и стоит недорого. Технология SuperNATURAL Piano, позаимствованная у старших моделей, позволяет ему звучать с непередаваемой выразительностью. Это удовольствие, которое всегда с тобой: клавиатура Ivory Feel-S с функцией Escapement дает реалистичные ощущения игры. Выпускается в двух вариантах отделки корпуса: под вишню и темный матовый. Выберите инструмент, гармонирующий с Вашим домом!

  • Технология SuperNATURAL Piano позволяет добиться естественного и выразительного звучания фортепиано, сопоставимого с акустическим роялем
  • Клавиатура Ivory Feel-S с функцией Escapement дает реалистичные ощущения игры
  • Динамики, встроенные в стенд, воспроизводят динамичное, ясное звучание
  • Возможность исполнять старинную музыку аутентичными тембрами молоточкового клавира и клавесина
  • Большая библиотека встроенных фортепианных классических пьес в эталонном исполнении помогает самостоятельному обучению. Библиотека включает этюды Черни и Ганона
  • Встроенный рекордер и метроном; рекордер позволяет записывать свою игру в формате MIDI или аудио на флэш-накопитель
  • Ж/к дисплей и ясная панель удобны и понятны для управления
  • Стильный и компактный корпус с плавно закрывающейся крышкой
  • Энергосберегающие технологии позволяют добиться впечатляющего звучания при небольшой потребляемой мощности
  • Отделка корпуса под вишню или матовым черным
SuperNATURAL Piano Engine

The DP-90 digital piano is powered by our groundbreaking SuperNATURAL Piano engine, which provides perfect, natural sound that performs and responds like a grand piano. Tonal colour changes seamlessly in response to your touch, and note decay is natural and organic; the decaying sound not only decreases in volume, but also gradually changes colour to a softer tone. Each note has its own character, true to a real acoustic grand.

Soundboard Behavior Modelling

Our newly developed Soundboard Behaviour function emulates the natural characteristics of string vibrations on the soundboard, and is not found on conventional sampling pianos. Based on the soundboard modelling in the award-winning V-Piano, this powerful technology enhances sound clarity, even when many notes are played simultaneously.

Ivory Feel-S Keyboard

The DP-90 digital piano is equipped with the Ivory Feel-S Keyboard with Escapement. With the same progressive hammer action and escapement as the top-line PHA III, it offers unmatched expression and performance authenticity, capable of transforming the most subtle finger nuances into sound. It also provides incredibly fast key-repetition action. The surface of each white key replicates the unique appearance and comfortable feel of real ivory keys. In addition, the keys are constructed of a one-piece proprietary material that provides excellent moisture absorbency.

Small Footprint, Big Sound

With its sleek and modern furniture-like design, the DP-90 digital piano blends beautifully and functionally into any home. It features a solid, soft-close safety lid that can be used as a music rest when opened and a flat surface when closed. There are two beautiful finishes to choose from — Medium Cherry and Satin Black — and a built-in speaker cabinet, which creates a dynamic, resonant sound never before heard on similar-sized digital pianos.

Authentic Fortepiano and Harpsichord Tones Onboard

In addition to its selection of onboard grand piano sounds, the DP-90 digital piano is equipped with an Early Piano category that contains four fortepiano variations and two harpsichord variations. Masterpieces composed by maestros such as Mozart, Beethoven, and Chopin can be played with the original sounds from the period; the appreciation and understanding of their compositions is heightened when using instruments that were actually used by the composers. You can also play these early piano sounds with built-in historic temperaments, which are ideal to play with other classical instruments.

Built-In Audio/MIDI Recorder with Flexible Control

The built-in recorder lets you capture your performances as audio or MIDI data — a convenient feature for pianists as well as students who want to evaluate their playing. Transpose, Tempo Change, and Center Cancel features can also be applied to the audio data. Recorded audio data can be saved onto external USB Memory, and copied to a computer for making audio CDs or uploading to the Internet.
*USB memory is required for audio recording.

Ease of Use

The DP-90’s simple and intuitive control panel affords quick and easy access to the numerous features onboard. Its backlit LCD and clean front panel provide an ideal interface for quick access and control, even in dark environments.

Environment-Conscious Design

The DP-90 achieves low power consumption while still delivering high-impact performance. It also features an Auto Off function, which, when activated, automatically switches the power off after a period of inactivity. Inactivity time is selectable from 10 minutes, 30 minutes (default), 240 minutes, and off.

Цвет: Черри (99 900р.), Черный матовый (99 900р.)

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